World Federation of
Associations of Teacher Education

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WFATE Journal Overview

Journal of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education

The WFATE has begun to develop special interest groups related to our mission and goals. Papers, research reports and policy analyses related to knowledge generation and to the theme and sub-themes of the conference would be most welcome.

General Theme: Innovation in Teacher Education within a Global Context


  1. Multiculturalism and Multilingualism
  2. Technology and Mobile Learning for Pedagogical Innovations in Teacher Education
  3. International - Local Teacher Education Networking Models for Knowledge Building
  4. Teacher Education Curriculum and School Curriculum
  5. School-University-Educational Administrations Partnerships for Creative Initiatives in Teacher Education
  6. A Distributed Leadership for School Innovation Management
  7. Monitoring and Evaluating Innovations in Teacher Education
  8. Change for Innovation in Teacher
  9. Initial and Ongoing Teacher Education for Innovation
  10. Health, Sport, Physical and Plastic Arts Education (circus, dance and theater)
  11. Supporting STEM Education through Teacher Preparation and Professional Development
  12. Strategies for Overcoming Inertia in Teacher Education
  13. Disability Studies, Inclusion and Social Justice in Teacher Education
  14. Innovation in Teacher Training for Early Childhood Education
  15. Social Sciences Teacher Education for a New Era

The Journal of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education is an electronic educational research and development journal. All articles are peer-reviewed. We publish articles focusing on empirically driven research in major areas of education, carefully developed issue analyses, and clearly focused development articles.

To be reviewed, manuscripts must conform to the publication guidelines available on this website. The WFATE journal does not have a copy editor. Thus, authors are responsible for ensuring that their submissions meet the specified criteria. Since the Journal of the World Federation of Associations of Teacher Education is an electronic journal, special formatting guidelines must be followed to ensure the readability of the paper by reviewers using a wide range of word-processing software. In addition, the guidelines ensure the accurate rendering of the article on our Web site, irrespective of readers' platforms and systems, should it be accepted for publication. Articles of approximately 5,000 to 8,000 words are preferred.

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