Research Development Groups


A group of ten or more members of WFATE, having a common special interest, can be officially recognized by the Association as a Research and Development Group (RDG) by fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. All Research and Development Groups (RDGs) shall file a statement of purpose with the World FATE Board.
  2. Each chair of a RDG shall file a biennial report with the Recording Secretary within 56 days of the conclusion of the biennial meeting of World Fate.
  3. Each RDG shall meet at each biennial meeting.
  4. All persons meeting with an RDG must be registered for the full WFATE conference.

Note that all financial members of WFATE can be involved in a WFATE research development group. Lapsed memberships can be renewed from the membership webpage. Individual membership is $US50 for two years and is included in the conference registration fee.

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Research Development Groups

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