Early Childhood in a Global Context

The early childhood years are critically important in terms of the quality of experiences children receive in their first few years of life. The literature has clearly established the significant impact the early years have on a child’s brain development which then, in turn, will influence the nature and extent of a child’s adult capabilities. Brain development pivots on the multifaceted relationship between nature and nurture with opportunities created with positive environments [warm, responsive, and stimulating relationships] and risks generated by stress, neglect, lack of stimulation, and violence.

Children do not live in a vacuum and their development and wellbeing is influenced by many factors and systems/settings. Early childhood practice and children’s welfare cannot be understood without considering the social, cultural, historical, and political context and the relationships among and between the different contexts. In this research group each child is considered to be unique, important, and capable encompassing the holistic development of all children. Each child is equally entitled to be included in high-quality early childhood experiences. Teacher educators and researchers will collaborate sharing research, theory and practice to explore and discuss ways early childhood practitioners, across the globe, positively.

Chairs: To Be Announced